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As a mum, I know how important reading good books is for children especially in nurturing Islamic values in their daily life. Our personally chosen selection of books includes stories that are meant for kids, filled with happy images, colours and messages. Children  books foster the imagination, improve vocabulary, teach letters, numbers and words and are generally great fun. 

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Akhlaaq Building Series A (4 Books)

Akhlaaq Building For Kids Series, featuring Saaliha & her younger brother Ali.This series inspir..

RM76.00 RM68.00

Akhlaaq Building Series B (4 Books)

Akhlaaq Building For Kids Series, featuring Saaliha & her younger brother Ali.This series inspir..

RM76.00 RM68.00

Baby Sling Series

This series are written for infants (6-18 months). Learning about our world takes place immediately ..

RM45.00 RM40.00

Garden Child Series

This Garden Child is written for toddlers (18 months to 3 years old) who are eager to explore their ..

RM45.00 RM40.00

The Princess Series Set B (4 Books)

Beautifully illustrated with the highest gloss presentation finish.The finest quality production tha..

RM76.00 RM68.00

23 Duas for Kids

When asked to make Dua, young kids often say that they ‘don’t have one,’ or ‘don’t know what to ask ..


30 Hadith for Kids

The language of hadith often goes over children's heads, leaving them uninterested, and unable to re..


5-Minutes Bedtime Reminders for Little Ones

Bedtime reminders for children. 1 night 1 reminder for parent to read to their children.Main objecti..


70+ Aktiviti Cinta Al-Quran

Lebih 70 aktiviti untuk dibuat bersama anak.Pelbagai aktiviti dalam bentuk cerita, alam, permainan, ..


Akhlaaq Building Series - Caring For Orphans

The orphans were so happy that Saaliha and Ali had come to visit them. Now Saaliha and Ali..


Akhlaaq Building Series - Controlling Your Anger

Controlling Your Anger isn't that difficult, Saaliha does and you can too.---------------------..


Akhlaaq Building Series - Forgiving Others

Ali's friend Faisal shows him that good friends always forgive each other.----------------..


Akhlaaq Building Series - Helping Others

Ali is blessed to have a caring big sister like Saaliha, she helps him in so many ways.-------------..


Akhlaaq Building Series - Keeping Promises

It's not always easy to keep a promise, but Saaliha does and her friends love that about her.-------..


Akhlaaq Building Series - Respecting Your Mother

Be good to your mother and father and Allah will give you the best of rewards.------------..


Akhlaaq Building Series - Sharing What You Love

Ali doesn't want to share his new bike, but soon realizes it's more fun when you share what you love..


Akhlaaq Building Series - Studying Hard

Good study habits get good results. Learn to study well and the results will come.------------------..


Alhamdulilah – Book 5 (Stairway to Heaven)

Manal Shehab’s Stairway to Heaven series and Zeynep Haydan’s colourful illustrations make perfect pi..


All About Wudu (Ablution) Activity Book

Find out about wudu (ablution) and how Muslims wash before prayer with this fun sticker activity boo..

RM29.00 RM22.00

Allah Lets Us Have Fun

A rhyming story for young children, that teaches us to appreciate the things we take for granted. Al..


Allah Tells Me

In the Quran Allah Tells Me what I must do to be a good Muslim. In Sha Allah (God Willing) this..


Allah's Gift

Shukr (gratitude) is an important characteristic for any young Muslim. This book stimulates you..


Allah’s Little Star

Expose our children with Islamic terms and morale through familiar nursery rhymes.Rhyming helps chil..


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