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All About Wudu (Ablution) Activity Book

Find out about wudu (ablution) and how Muslims wash before prayer with this fun sticker activity boo..

RM29.00 RM22.00

Allah Lets Us Have Fun

A rhyming story for young children, that teaches us to appreciate the things we take for granted. Al..


Hassan and Aneesa Go To Madrasa

Hassan and Aneesa are going to madrasa. At madrasa they will meet new friends and learn about Islam...

RM25.00 RM19.00

Hassan and Aneesa Go to Masjid

Hassan and Aneesa visit the mosque for the first time and observe a number of wonderful things.The H..

RM25.00 RM19.00

Islamic Manners Activity Book

Learn a selection of Arabic prayers and expressions while having fun! 60+ pages of imaginative activ..


Makkah and Madinah Activity Book

Explore the wonders of Makkah and Madinah with this fun sticker activity book...

RM29.00 RM22.00

Mosques of the World Activity Book

Travel around the world’s most famous mosques with this fun sticker, activity book...

RM29.00 RM22.00

My First Book about the Qur’an (Board Book)

The simple but beautiful book introduces the Qur’ans main teachings with large colourful illustratio..


My Special Angels: The Two Noble Scribes

Follow a young boy as he prepares to pray, only to be distracted by his friends who come to play. He..


ONE (Board Book)

A rhyming picture book to teach children about Tawhid and other important aspects of Islam in a simp..

RM49.00 RM45.00

Ramadan and Fasting Activity Book

Discover what makes Ramadan such a special time of year for Muslims with this fun sticker activity b..

RM29.00 RM22.00

Yan’s Hajj The Journey of a Lifetime

Yann’s trip to perform Hajj turns into a journey that lasts a lifetime. A heart-warming tale about h..

RM40.00 RM30.00

Zak and His Good Intentions

Zak and his sister Hana decide to see how many good deeds they can do in one day. However, everythin..

RM49.00 RM39.00

Zak and His Little Lies

Zak is back, this time to learn a lesson about lying. A gorgeously-illustrated book full of warmth a..

RM49.00 RM39.00

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