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Akhlaaq Building Series - Controlling Your Anger

Akhlaaq Building Series - Controlling Your Anger
Akhlaaq Building Series - Controlling Your Anger

Controlling your anger isn't that difficult, Saaliha does it, and you can too.


Akhlaaq Building Series teach children:

  • How to practice good Akhlaaq (manners) in their daily life.
  • To know and recognize good values from an early age
  • To share the same moral understanding and values as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

This serie featured Ali & Saaliha. It is essential for children to develop good character, morals & values from a young age.

There are 10 titles in this series. Get all 10 titles in full set here: Akhlaaq Building Series (Full Set)



Paperback 24 pages
Publisher Ali Gator Productions
Series Akhlaaq Building for Kids
Dimensions 21 cm x 21.5 cm
  • Stock: In Stock
  • ISBN: 978-1-921772-34-4
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