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70+ Aktiviti Cinta Al-Quran 70+ Aktiviti Cinta Al-Quran
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Brand: Aulad Read Play Model: AY08
Lebih 70 aktiviti untuk dibuat bersama anak.Pelbagai aktiviti dalam bentuk cerita, alam, permainan, projek sains dan juga seni.Disertakan ayat Al-Quran yang boleh dikaitkan dengan aktiviti.Cadangan link Youtube berkaitan (untuk beberapa aktiviti)Dialog membantu ibu mulakan sesiIbarah/PengajaranManfa..
Brand: Kube Publishing Model: ABK04
Find out about wudu (ablution) and how Muslims wash before prayer with this fun sticker activity book...
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Brand: Goodword Model: GB
The best way to learn is by seeing, doing and exploring things. And what better way to learn about the best loved stories from the Quran than colouring the story yourself. This Big Colouring Book prompts young readers to explore the stories from the Quran in a creative and interesting way. Through t..
Haikal's Game Book Classic Series (Complete Set)
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Model: HGB
Product Content:Matching Game (60 pages)Let's Draw (60 pages)Spot The Difference (60 pages)Maze (60 pages)Hidden Things (60 pages)FREE Erasable Colour PenFREE Velvet EraserFREE Postage Nationwide Age: 3-9 yo Fun Activities inside:Shadow matchingFront-half and back-half matchingAdult &..
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Brand: Kube Publishing Model: KP
Learn a selection of Arabic prayers and expressions while having fun! 60+ pages of imaginative activities, puzzles, word searches, colouring pages, dot-to-dots and matching cards that will occupy and entertain children for hours...
Brand: Learning Roots Model: LR
THIS BOOK WILL HELP GET YOUR CHILD TO LOVE LEARNING TO READ THE QURANIs your child making slow progress through their Qaida?Are they bored and frustrated in their lessons?Do you find it hard to spare the time they need revising at home? If so, you’re probably worried this experience will associ..
Brand: Kube Publishing Model: ABK01
Explore the wonders of Makkah and Madinah with this fun sticker activity book...
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Brand: Kube Publishing Model: ABK02
Travel around the world’s most famous mosques with this fun sticker, activity book...
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Brand: Kube Publishing Model: ABK03
Discover what makes Ramadan such a special time of year for Muslims with this fun sticker activity book...
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