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Akhlaaq Building Series (Full Set)

Akhlaaq Building Series (Full Set)
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Akhlaaq Building Series (Full Set)

Following the Akhlaaq of Rasulullah (pbuh)

This series aiming for children to develop good character, morals and values from a young age.

This series of books teaches children:

  • How to practice good Akhlaaq (manners) in their daily life.
  • To know and recognize good values from an early age
  • To share the same moral understanding and values as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Each book can be purchased individually through these link:

  1. Sharing What You Love
  2. Controlling Your Anger
  3. Respecting Your Mother
  4. Keeping Promises
  5. Forgiving Others
  6. Helping Others
  7. Studying Hard
  8. Caring for Orphans

Paperback24 pages
PublisherAli Gator Productions
Dimensions8.5 inch x 8.5 inch