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Brand: Ilyas & Duck Model: LBK
Fasting, Good Deeds, Empathy, Oh Boy! It's a story about discovery and of Ramadan joy! The month of Ramadan is here! It’s a special time of year. But, when on the morning of the first day of Ramadan Duck learns he cannot eat or drink until sunset, he gets a little concerned. Join Ilyas & Duck in..
Brand: Ilyas & Duck Model: LBK
An adorable story about a boy and a duck on a quest to find Allah (God).Through whimsical and poetic rhymes and the right touch of humor, this award-winning book story delivers a clear and age-appropriate message about the ways in which creation points to Allah. The book has a hardcover binding, du..
Ilyas & Duck - The Essential (4 Books Set) Ilyas & Duck - The Essential (4 Books Set)
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Brand: Ilyas & Duck Model: LBK
The Essential Ilyas & Duck is the ultimate gift for any occasion. Now you can share the supreme excitement of all FOUR Ilyas & Duck adventures carefully bundled in a slipcase then shrink-wrapped to keep the joy from escaping. This limited edition boxed set contains the following Ilyas & ..
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Brand: Ali Gator Model: AG
Iman Building Series aims to build a child's belief in Allah.To know Allah through building a better understanding of Allah's attributes.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++There are 4 titles in this series:1. Allah Blesses MeKhadijah and Umar love to visit their Uncle Farooq. He may have been born bli..
Brand: Learning Roots Model: LR
DISCOVER YOUR MEETING PLACE WITH THE PROPHET (S)!Are you worried about your child’s spiritual development?Are you concerned that your child might grow to be ‘empty on the inside’?Are you looking for a way to connect your child’s heart at a deep level to a higher purpose in life?If so, you’ll kn..
Migo & Ali are back! This charming 300 page, full colour book, covers 75 topics! Children will find Islamic words or concepts explained in simple, loving, child-friendly language. Vibrant illustrations decorate every section, and we see more of the light-hearted, humourous dialogue between Migo ..
Brand: Dakwah Corner Publications Model: DCB
In My Little Quran Verses, your child will find a fun way to learn the Quran verses requiring us to worship God and behave well. As they follow the adventures of Aya and Sarah, Salim and Adil, your child will first of all learn how to love Allah. In the second part, they will read stories about g..
Model: RM
Ramadan Around The World covers how children from various cultures around the world celebrate Ramadan. The purpose of this book is to illustrate the diversity of the Muslim community around the world. Children of various nationalities, abilities and disabilities are represented throughout the book. ..
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We're Off to Make Umrah
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Brand: Kube Publishing Model: KB06
Salam, my dear friends,I hope you're all well. If you've time to listen I've something to tell About the first mosque, A beautiful sight, Which we face when we pray, Where the nur shines bright Discover the joys of 'Umrah when a brother and sister travel with their parents to the city of ..
Brand: Kube Publishing Model: KB06
A young boy prepares to pray with his family before he hears some familiar voices at the door. His friends have arrived and want to play. He must decide to pray or to play in this warm story that sees him enjoy an afternoon in the sun and please his parents and Creator. A simple yet captivating s..
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