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Brand: Oyez! Books Model: OY
Alia mengejar rama-rama yang berterbangan di taman. Sepanjang berada di taman dia bertemu dengan pelbagai haiwan lain. Ke manakah haiwan itu pergi? Ke Mana Perginya? adalah salah satu daripada enam buah buku bergambar kanak-kanak yang menarik oleh Nani Menon, diilustrasi oleh Emila Yusof. Buku in..
Brand: Prolance Model: PB
"The Blessed Bananas, is a beautiful story with a perfect mixture of Islamic elements. In short words A Masterpiece by Tayyaba Syed." Everyone in the village knows not to come near the cranky, old monkey Rico or his precious bananas. However, after some unwanted encounters, Rico learns a life-cha..
Brand: Kube Publishing Model: KB06
Salam, my dear friends,I hope you're all well. If you've time to listen I've something to tell About the first mosque, A beautiful sight, Which we face when we pray, Where the nur shines bright Discover the joys of 'Umrah when a brother and sister travel with their parents to the city of ..
Brand: Kube Publishing Model: KB06
A young boy prepares to pray with his family before he hears some familiar voices at the door. His friends have arrived and want to play. He must decide to pray or to play in this warm story that sees him enjoy an afternoon in the sun and please his parents and Creator. A simple yet captivating s..
Brand: Ali Gator Model: AG
Color and learn about the important things in Ramadan.Children love to color in, so why not let get them coloring in and learning about Ramadan at the same time.Encourage your children to practice what they learn, and watch their love for Ramadan grow.Buy a copy for family or friends and spread the ..
Model: SI
One of Allah's great creations is the universe. No one knows the secret behind these creations. By observing the order of the universe, Yusuf and Sara learnt about the Greatness of Allah.What you will receive:A special designed mini book storage collection boxHardcover bookSolarsystem orbit & Pl..
Zak and His Good Intentions
Brand: Kube Publishing Model: KP
Zak and his sister Hana decide to see how many good deeds they can do in one day. However, everything is going wrong for Zak, and his plans only end in disappointment … and lots and lots of mess.Zak soon realises, though, that it isn’t important what happens; it is his good intentions that count.Zak..
Zak and His Little Lies
Brand: Kube Publishing Model: KP
Zak is back, this time to learn a lesson about lying. A gorgeously-illustrated book full of warmth and faith.Zak is on his final warning. If he tells one more lie, however little, he won’t be going to the skate park with Baba and Hana. With one job left to do, what could go wrong? A lot, it turns ou..
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