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As a mum, I know how important reading good books is for children especially in nurturing Islamic values in their daily life. Our personally chosen selection of books includes stories that are meant for kids, filled with happy images, colours and messages. Children  books foster the imagination, improve vocabulary, teach letters, numbers and words and are generally great fun. 

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My First Book about the Qur’an (Board Book)

The simple but beautiful book introduces the Qur’ans main teachings with large colourful illustratio..


My Little Quran Verses

In My Little Quran Verses, your child will find a fun way to learn the Quran verses requiring us to ..


My Special Angels: The Two Noble Scribes

Follow a young boy as he prepares to pray, only to be distracted by his friends who come to play. He..



This mainstream title by Zanib Mian featured on Cbeebies Bedtime Stories. It's not an Islamic book a..


Princess Series - Princess Adila and The Circus Tickets

Princess Adila is going to the circus with her friend, when her cousin Prince Umar arrives & als..


Princess Series - Princess Aziza And The Purple Orchid

The inspiring story of Princess Aziza ?The Mighty? whose name comes from the attributes of Allah, As..


Princess Series - Princess Haleema and The Ring

Queen Aisha must choose one of her three daughters to be the next Queen. She asks them all a ve..


Princess Series - Princess Karima and The Giant Eagles

Princess Karima, The Generous gets her name from one of the attributes of Allah, Asma ul Husna (The ..


Princess Series - Princess Latifa and The Angry Spider

One of Princess Latifa's friends falls into a spider?s web & is bitten by a spider.Everyone is w..


Princess Series - Princess Noura And The Monster In The Sky

Inspired by the attributes of Allah, Asma ul Husna (The 99 Names of Allah) Princess Noura will encou..


Princess Series - Princess Rasheeda and The Perfect Present

When Princess Rasheeda gave a large necklace to Prince Hakeem, all the other guests laughed at her.&..


Princess Series - Princess Shahida The Witness

Princess Shahida ventures to the market place and witnesses the market sellers and customers being s..


Ramadan and Fasting Activity Book

Discover what makes Ramadan such a special time of year for Muslims with this fun sticker activity b..


Robo Belajar Tentang Manusia

“Sehebat mana penciptaan robot, hebat lagi penciptaan manusia. Robo si robot belajar sekitar isu sek..

RM28.00 RM25.20

Safeeya & Kitty: Playing in the Rain

Safeeya is an observant little girl, who always ponders about the natural world around her and natur..

RM19.00 RM17.00

Seed Obeys Allah

Seed cycle is an amazing process in our everyday life. Allah, the Most Knowing, creates seed in a co..


Shade7 Wudu Bath Book

Discover a new educational, colour changing, bath book toy all children will enjoy! Watch the body p..

RM85.00 RM65.00

Spider Obeys Allah

Spider life cycle is an amazing sign of Allah as the Most Powerful Creator. As Allah SWT tells us in..


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