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    5-7 years old

    5-minutes Bedtime Reminders for Little Ones 5-minutes Bedtime Reminders for Little Ones
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    Brand: Aulad Read & Play Model: ARP
    Bedtime reminders for children. 1 night 1 reminder for parent to read to their children.Main objectives are to initiate children to think of their responsibilities as Muslim and practise better behaviour...
    Brand: Aulad Read & Play Model: ARP
    Buku ini bukan sekadar merangsang kognitif anak tetapi lebih dari itu. Membina peribadi Muslim adalah jauh lebih sukar dari mendidik kognitif. Pembentukan peribadi memerlukan kefahaman dan penghayatan yang akan diterjemah dalam diri mereka. Bermulalah sekarang! Berseronoklah dalam mewujudkan CINTA p..
    Dina's Art Class
    Out Of Stock
    Brand: Oyez! Books Model: OY
    Little Dina who loved playing in her mother's garden, helping in her mother's kitchen and having fun in her father's farm has started going to art class.She loves art class!. Colours and paper and pen, there is no end of fun/Together with Ginger, her cat, join Dina as she creates art. You ca..
    Brand: Dakwah Corner Publications Model: DCB
    Fun Brain Teasers is aimed to provide Muslim children with information about the deen of Allah in a fun way. It is therefore based on a play and learn pattern as it is fun, educative, stimulating and challenging. It will also awaken a sense of curiosity in children to learn more about Islam.Enj..
    Brand: Goodword Books Model: GB
    Favourite Tales from the Quran are timeless, treasured stories, specially chosen for young children. These stories, which have proved the best loved from one generation to the next, can be clearly understood and are fun to read, share and enjoy. Their texts are the perfect gateway to your children's..
    Brand: Goodword Books Model: GB
    While joining together various pieces to discover a bigger picture of all the 28 Arabic letters, your child develops concentration and coordination skills. Your child will also learn about the sequence in which the Arabic Alphabet comes and words starting from these letters in English and Arabic. Ch..
    Brand: Goodword Books Model: GB
    Awesome Quran Facts is a collection of hundreds of incredible, heartwarming and inspiring facts about the people, places, and events mentioned in the Quran.It is ideal for children who are curious to know the facts behind these magnificent and amazing stories of faith and it brings the message of th..
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