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Islamic Nurture

Brand: Goodword Model: GW
A fun way to learn Arabic.Learn 50 basic Arabic wordsHave fun with Arabic wordsEncourages word recognition skillsDevelops sorting and matching skillsKindles observation and memory skills50 cards, features picture and word (Arabic/English)Thick laminated cards as to their durability in little handsSu..
Brand: Goodword Model: GG08
Help Children to Learn the Essence of Surah Al-FatihahA set of 38 beautifully crafted flash cards to help children understand and memorise the true essence of Surah Al-Fatihah.* Vocabulary learning is made fun and exciting by picture-word association.* Exercise cards stimulate imagination and reinfo..
Brand: Learning Roots Model: LR09
Meet the box that's just bursting to teach Islamic manners and etiquettes! The Box of Manners is a set of delightfully illustrated cards educating Islamic manners and etiquettes. These cards are used in three exciting games developing interpersonal and social behavioural skills. The games cover memo..
Brand: Learning Roots Model: LR16
Make the performance of wudhu and salah an endearing experience for your child with What’s Next? This exciting sequencing game contains 40 wonderfully illustrated cards covering prayer times, the actions of wudhu, the actions of salah and words said during the prayer Each card has a smooth gloss lam..
Learning Roots Word Flow Learning Roots Word Flow
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Brand: Learning Roots Model: LR
Word Flow is designed to significantly enhance the proficiency of Quran recitation. Promoting instant word-sight recognition, the Word Flow method isolates 92 carefully selected high frequency words from the Noble Quran and coaches split-second recall. This resource is perfect for beginners and thos..
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