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    Goodword Best Loved Quran Stories

    Goodword Best Loved Quran Stories
    Goodword Best Loved Quran Stories

    Best Loved Quran Stories is a collection of more than 20 Quran stories to read, love and cherish.

    The easy-to-read text and bright, full-colour illustrations on every page make this book a perfect way to introduce little ones to the stories, prayers and teachings of the Quran.

    The simple, short and beautifully narrated stories highlight key aspects of the Quran— love, humility, obedience, patience and trust.

    Full of faith, teachings and fun, Bedtime Quran Stories is a wonderful gift for any child.

    This book features:

    • More than 20 easy-to-read Quran stories.
    • A moral value with each story.
    • Prayers from the Quran.
    • Simple language.
    • Bright and delightful illustrations.

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    • ISBN: 9788194366324
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