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Goodword 101 Sahabiyat Stories and Dua (H/B)

Goodword 101 Sahabiyat Stories and Dua (H/B)
Goodword 101 Sahabiyat Stories and Dua (H/B)
101 Sahabiyat Stories and Dua is a richly illustrated collection of 101 great stories of the female companions of the Prophet Muhammad, told in simple language that children will easily understand and relate to. Each story comes with delightful illustrations, a hadith and a beautiful prayer. The book includes well known tales of Khadija, Sawda, ‘Aisha, Safiyyah, Fatima, Maymoonah, and Umm Ayman, to name but a few. The shining examples set by them will greatly inspire readers. 
Special Features
101 interesting stories
Delightful illustrations
101 beautiful prayers of the Quran and the Prophet
Hadith and references
Hard Cover 207 pages
Author Khalid Perwez
ISBN 9789351790501
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  • ISBN: 9789351790501
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