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    Hadith & Duas

    23 Duas for Kids 23 Duas for Kids
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    When asked to make Dua, young kids often say that they ‘don’t have one,’ or ‘don’t know what to ask for.’ Also, children often memorise duas from the Quran and Sunnah and try to apply them in their daily lives, without them going beyond the lips, because they haven’t fully grasped the meaning or pow..
    30 Hadith for Kids
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    A unique selection of 30 hadith, with explanations written in language which is child-friendly and relatable to young minds. The lively design, illustrations, sprinkle of humour and section on how they can use the wisdom in their lives, will build a new love for hadith in young hearts In sha Allah! ..
    Brand: Kube Publishing Model: KP
    This is a collection of two hundred ahadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) taken from authentic sources. The book is thematically arranged in twenty-nine short chapters to cover essential Islamic teachings on faith, religious practices, morals and manners, character, and conduct. Aimed at childre..
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