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Learning Roots The Box of Manners Learning Roots The Box of Manners
Brand: Learning Roots Model: LR04
LET’S SHOW YOU THE SECRETS OF RAISING WELL MANNERED CHILDRENAre you sometimes embarrassed by the way your children behave in front of guests or when they’re outdoors?Do you feel frustrated because your kids don't always listen to you and do as you say?Do you wish your children were more dignified, p..
Brand: Learning Roots Model: LR
DISCOVER YOUR MEETING PLACE WITH THE PROPHET (S)!Are you worried about your child’s spiritual development?Are you concerned that your child might grow to be ‘empty on the inside’?Are you looking for a way to connect your child’s heart at a deep level to a higher purpose in life?If so, you’ll kn..
Brand: Learning Roots Model: LR10
MEET THE ONLY LIFT-THE-FLAP BOOK THAT’S DESIGNED FOR MUSLIM BABIESHave you ever wished that there was a fun and engaging book that also has a beneficial outcome for your child?With The Way to Jannah, we can ensure you that you will have a great time reading this book to your children as well as it b..
Learning Roots What to Say When Learning Roots What to Say When
Brand: Learning Roots Model: LR04
PROTECT YOUR CHILD BY CONNECTING THEM TO ALLAHDo you ever wish that your child had a stronger connection with their Lord? Do you want your child to be under Allah's protection?One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to ensure your child constantly remembers Allah. There are duas ..
Brand: Learning Roots Model: LR04
TEACH YOUR CHILD HOW TO PRAY, STEP BY STEPAre you looking for a fun and effective way to teach your child how to pray?With the 'What’s Next?' you can teach your child how to perform the Salah in a engaging and comprehensive way. Here’s how:What’s Next? is a step-by-step prayer sequenc..
Loving Series | 3 Books Loving Series | 3 Books
-11 %
Brand: Ali Gator Model: AG
The Loving Series is an English/Arabic bi-lingual children's book series that will teach children about Allah and the important people in their lives.This book develops:Tawheed - Allah consciousnessWord recognitionConnection with the Arabic languageAppreciation for what Allah has given usTranslitera..
RM66.00 RM59.00
Brand: Kube Publishing Model: KP
Explore the wonders of Makkah and Madinah with this fun sticker activity book. It features dot-to-dot drawings, coloring fun, puzzles to solve, and over sixty stickers to stick. This book introduces children to the sacred mosque in Makkah, the Kaaba, Zamzam water, the cave of Hira, the Prophet's ..
Model: EN
MANUAL TAGGING MATIN 2.0 (215 Tagging)TAG matin ini kesemuanya adalah ayat baru (berbeza daripada Manual Tagging Mika 1.0).Apa itu tag matin?TAG matin ini kesemuanya adalah ayat baru.Terdapat 185 ayat tag dan 30 tag juzuk.Keseluruhan 215 tagsContoh ayat-ayat pilihan:Doa Seorang PemimpinSyurga ‘Adn (..
Model: EN
Antara Contoh ayat dalam Set Tagging ni:.✅Doa Mendapatkan Zuriat✅Tugas Umat Muhammad SAW✅Kita Umat Terbaik .✅Jangan Sedih✅Hendaklah Berlemah Lembut✅Siapakah Orang Yang Berakal?✅Doa Husnul Khatimah (193-194)✅Harta Anak Yatim✅Berbuat Baiklah✅Tunaikan Amanah & Adil✅Barangsiapa Bertaubat✅Berlak..
This delightful hardback book contains stories of the prophets, from Adam (as) to Muhammad (saw). These stories are concise, and told in engaging, child-friendly language. A question and answer session after each story is also unique in its style, depicted as a conversation between the two lovable c..
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