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My First Book About the Quran My First Book About the Quran
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Brand: Kube Publishing Model: KP
“The perfect book to introduce children to the teachings in the Qur’an.”The simple but beautiful book introduces the Qur’ans main teachings with large colourful illustrations and carefully written text that children and toddlers will understand and enjoy.Inside this board book toddlers and young chi..
My First Quran with Pictures Juz Amma (Part 1) My First Quran with Pictures Juz Amma (Part 1)
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Model: FB
Children often memorise Surah after Surah of the Quran without knowing its basic meanings. Even as parents, we may find it difficult to explain it to them. With the help of this picture book, your children will be able to read Juzz Amma in Arabic and instantly know the basic meaning of the vers..
My Mother is My Hero
2-3 Days
Brand: Ali Gator Model: AG
This book is dedicated to all the mothers. To be a mother is truly a blessing from Allah. Read this book along with your child and let them know about your love for your parents (their grand parents). Remind them how no one has cared for you or loved you like your mother. May Allah rewar..
Model: RM
Ramadan Around The World covers how children from various cultures around the world celebrate Ramadan. The purpose of this book is to illustrate the diversity of the Muslim community around the world. Children of various nationalities, abilities and disabilities are represented throughout the book. ..
RM109.00 RM99.00
Ramadan and Fasting Activity Book
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Brand: Aulad Read & Play Model: ARP
“Sehebat mana penciptaan robot, hebat lagi penciptaan manusia. Robo si robot belajar sekitar isu seksualiti manusia.”Memperkasa anak-anak dengan pendidikan seksual melalui penceritaan santai. Perbincangan kreatif seiring dengan penekanan syariat Islam mengikut kesesuaian usia kanak-kanak dari 3 hing..
Brand: Ali Gator Model: AG
Ashraf is excited to be fasting for the first time. He hopes to make it through the whole day, but he seems to always be hungry.There's lots to learn about fasting, and Ashraf is doing his best to please Allah+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Learn the basic of Islam with Ashraf & Zainab.There ar..
Brand: Ali Gator Model: AG
When Zainab grows up, she wants to be like the Prophet Muhammad, Rasulullah pbuh.So Zainab and her mother practice some of the things that Rasulullah pbuh would do in his everyday life.Now Zainab loves Rasulullah pbuh even more.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Learn the basic of Islam with Ashraf &a..
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