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 Baby Soft Books Combo A
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Model: SB
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Akhlaaq Building Series (Full Series | 10 Books)
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Brand: Ali Gator Model: AG
Akhlaaq Building Series teach children:How to practice good Akhlaaq (manners) in their daily life.To know and recognize good values from an early ageTo share the same moral understanding and values as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)This serie featured Ali & Saaliha. It is essential for children to d..
RM190.00 RM165.00
Brand: Haikal's Game Book HGB Model: HGB1
Product Content:Faith Game Book (60 pages)FREE Erasable Colour Pen Age: 3yo+ Fun Activities inside:Shadow matchingDrawing symmetryComplete the missing partsConnecting DotsMazeHidden ThingsWord SearchAnd many more! Total Page: 60(Each page is LAMINATED on both sides) Benefits:Lear..
RM75.00 RM69.00
Haikal's Game Book Classic Complete Set of 5 Haikal's Game Book Classic Complete Set of 5
-12 %
Brand: Haikal's Game Book HGB Model: HGB2
Haikal's Game Book, can help —✔ Overpower screen addiction✔ Keep your child busy (less dependent on gadget)✔ Improve problem-solving skill✔ Sebagai aktiviti alternatif yang menyeronokkan. Each game book contains 60 pages, and each page is laminated (boleh conteng padam conteng padam)✔ Suitable for 2..
RM375.00 RM330.00
Ilyas & Duck - Ramadan Joy Ilyas & Duck - Ramadan Joy
-13 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Ilyas & Duck Model: LBK
Fasting, Good Deeds, Empathy, Oh Boy! It's a story about discovery and of Ramadan joy! The month of Ramadan is here! It’s a special time of year. But, when on the morning of the first day of Ramadan Duck learns he cannot eat or drink until sunset, he gets a little concerned. Join Ilyas &am..
RM79.00 RM69.00
Learning Roots Scribe Learning Roots Scribe
Hot -26 %
Brand: Learning Roots Model: LR09
THE INSIDER SECRETS OF BEAUTIFUL ARABIC HANDWRITINGHave you ever wished you had beautiful Arabic handwriting? Or that your child could write in Arabic and strengthen their bond with the language of the Quran?With Scribe you can learn how to write Arabic in a simple and fun way. Here’s how:..
RM39.00 RM29.00
Little Muslim Board Book Series Little Muslim Board Book Series
New -5 % Out Of Stock
Loving Series (3 Books) Loving Series (3 Books)
New -11 %
Brand: Ali Gator Model: AG
RM66.00 RM59.00
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