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Muslim Children's Book - Zanib Mian

23 Duas for Kids 23 Duas for Kids
When asked to make Dua, young kids often say that they ‘don’t have one,’ or ‘don’t know what to ask for.’ Also, children often memorise duas from the Quran and Sunnah and try to apply them in their daily lives, without them going beyond the lips, because they haven’t fully grasped the meaning or pow..
The language of hadith often goes over children's heads, leaving them uninterested, and unable to retain the information.Alhamdulillah, not with this book!A unique sellection of 30 hadith, with child-friendly explanations, lively design, illustration and section on how they can use the wisdo in thei..
How to Pray How to Pray
A delightful, easy step by step guide for children (or even new Muslims) on how to perform the Islamic Prayer (salaah). A step by step guide for how to make ablution (wudu) is also included. Zanib Mian's easy to understand explanations, make this book another must-have for Muslim Children. "A n..
How to Scare a Monster How to Scare a Monster
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'There's only one way to scare a monster...'A book about calling on Allah, for any child who has ever been scared of anything. The words Audhoobillah are introduced, by Zanib Mian, in a fun, powerful and effective way...
Migo & Ali - Love for the Prophets Migo & Ali - Love for the Prophets
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This delightful hardback book contains stories of the prophets, from Adam (as) to Muhammad (saw). These stories are concise, and told in engaging, child-friendly language. A question and answer session after each story is also unique in its style, depicted as a conversation between the two lovable c..
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Oddsockosaurus Oddsockosaurus
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This mainstream title by Zanib Mian featured on Cbeebies Bedtime Stories. It's not an Islamic book as such, but we love that the gorgeous Oddsockosaurus leads children to reflect upon their own characters. Qualities of tidyness, being charitable and being truthful are explored, as well as many ..
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The Robot That Said Moo is a delightful story, which children request time and time again! A robot is lost, and when a farmer on a tractor, a dentist on a bike, a banker in a car, a plumber on foot, stop to help him, all he can say is, 'moo.' Whatever does he mean, and how will he get home..
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