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The Muslim Parent's Guide to The Early Years

The Muslim Parent's Guide to The Early Years
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The Muslim Parent's Guide to The Early Years

It offers advice from the Quran and Sunnah to the busy parent about a variety of issues from how to create a child-friendly, Islamic home environment right through to how to deal with a disruptive child.

It is packed full of ideas and activities that will keep children from the ages of 0 to 5 stimulated in all areas of their physical, mental, emotional and religious development, with sample daily activity plan, themes and observation chart.


1. The Role Of Parents
2. Creating An Islamic Home
3. Creating A Child Friendly Home
4. Raising Healthy Children
5. How To Deal With A Disruptive Child
6. Intellectual Development And Play
7. Child Development
8. Planning Your Day And Activities
9. Observing Your Child

Ummu Safiyyah Najmaddin is a mother of two. She received her Diploma in Child Care and Education (DCE) in 2003 and currently is working towards her degree in Psychology. A passionate advocate of the Islamic education of the future generation, she has extensive experience working with pre-school children both in nursery setting and private tuitions.

Paperback 100 pages
Language English
Author Umm Safiyyah bint Najmaddin
Publisher Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd.
Dimensions 5.9 inch x 8.2 inch
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