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Princess Rasheeda and the Perfect Present

Princess Rasheeda and the Perfect Present
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Princess Rasheeda and the Perfect Present

When Prinvess Rasheeda gave a large necklace to Prince Hakeem, all the other guests laughed at her. But when an intruder dressed as a palace guard shoots an arrow directly at Prince Hakeem, no one is laughing anymore.


The Princess Series is unique story book series, where the name of each Princess has been inspired by the Asma Ul Husna " The 99 Names of Allah". The aim of the Princess Series is to encourage young readers to learn the 99 Names of Allah and their meanings through creative and engaging stories.

In each story a Princess is faced with a challenge which brings out her true character, emphasizing the meaning of her name. This best selling series has captured the imagination of young girls across the world providing role models that emphasize good character and Islamic values.

There are 8 titles in this series:

  1. Princess Adila and The Circus Tickets
  2. Princess Haleema and the Ring
  3. Princess Rasheeda and the Perfect Present
  4. Princess Latifa and the ANgry Spider
  5. Princess Shahida The Witness
  6. Princess Aziza and the Purple Orchid
  7. Princess Karima and the Giant Eagles
  8. Princess Noura and the Monster in the SKy

Paperback 24 pages
Publisher Ali Gator Productions
Series Princess Series
Dimensions 21 cm x 21.5 cm
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  • ISBN: 978-1-921772-12-2
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