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    Ramadan / Eid

    Brand: Ali Gator Model: AG
    Ramadan is a month of fasting, a month of extra prayer, du'a and doing good deeds.It is a special time of year for all Muslims.Nabeela loves the month of Ramadan . It is her favorite month of the year.Find out what are the 10 Things she loves about Ramadan...
    Brand: Goodword Books Model: GB
    The Spirit of fasting in Ramadan builds human character by encouraging the person to do good and refrain from doing anything that would harm others. The fasting person learns patience, perseverance, self-discipline, sacrifice, and compassion and sympathy for those that are less fortunate...
    Brand: Ilyas & Duck Model: LBK
    Fasting, Good Deeds, Empathy, Oh Boy! It's a story about discovery and of Ramadan joy! The month of Ramadan is here! It’s a special time of year. But, when on the morning of the first day of Ramadan Duck learns he cannot eat or drink until sunset, he gets a little concerned. Join Ilyas & Duck in..
    Brand: Learning Roots Model: LR
    GET YOUR CHILD SUPER-EXCITED ABOUT RAMADAN200+ Stickers ★ Decor ★ Eid Cards ★ Recipes ★ Prayer Posters ★ Moon-Date Finder ★ Dua Banners ★ 113 pagesWould you like your child to eagerly await the coming of Ramadan?Do you feel frustrated because each year, Ramadan passes by without your child trul..
    Model: RM
    Ramadan Around The World covers how children from various cultures around the world celebrate Ramadan. The purpose of this book is to illustrate the diversity of the Muslim community around the world. Children of various nationalities, abilities and disabilities are represented throughout the book. ..
    RM109.00 RM99.00
    Brand: Kube Publishing Model: KP
    Discover what makes Ramadan such a special time of year for Muslims with this fun sticker activity book. It features dot-to-dot drawings, coloring fun, puzzles to solve, and over sixty stickers to stick.This book introduces children to the basics of fasting, including who doesn't have to, when y..
    Brand: Ali Gator Model: AG
    Color and learn about the important things in Ramadan.Children love to color in, so why not let get them coloring in and learning about Ramadan at the same time.Encourage your children to practice what they learn, and watch their love for Ramadan grow.Buy a copy for family or friends and spread the ..
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