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The Story of The Elephant Popup Book - Surah Al-Feel

The Story of The Elephant Popup Book - Surah Al-Feel
The Story of The Elephant Popup Book - Surah Al-Feel
The Story of The Elephant Popup Book - Surah Al-Feel
The Story of The Elephant Popup Book - Surah Al-Feel
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The Story of The Elephant Popup Book - Surah Al-Feel
The Story of The Elephant Popup Book - Surah Al-Feel
The Story of The Elephant Popup Book - Surah Al-Feel
The Story of The Elephant Popup Book - Surah Al-Feel

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The Story of The Elephant Popup Book - Surah Al-Feel

7 Reasons You & Your Child Will Love “The Story of the Elephant”

  1. Attractive Illustrations, Stimulates Imagination & Evokes Curiosity

All creative illustrations in “The Story of the Elephant” have been beautifully hand-drawn with vibrant shapes and colours that attract children’s attention and stimulate imagination. The pop-ups and interactive flaps add an element of surprise, making children curious and excited to flip through the pages and keep on reading (again and again!). These pop-ups and interactive flaps have also been designed to fit into the storyline and express each scene of the book, bringing the story of Surah Al-Feel to life.

  1. Instills Islamic Values through Fun Storytelling

Young children are curious and excited to absorb information and learn about the world around them. This precious window of learning and development is the optimal time to introduce the Quran through powerful stories. “The Story of the Elephant” is written as a fun story that is easy for children to read and absorb, thus shaping their developing minds with a love for the Quran and instilling character-building values from the Quran, insha’Allah!

  1. Multi-Topic & Multi-sensory Experience for Effective Learning

In addition to imparting upon young readers lessons and character-building values from the Quran, “The Story of the Elephant” also covers multi-topic lessons on geography, history, sociology, and culture. As an interactive book with pop-ups, colouring map, and press-out elephant activity cards, it also provides a multi-sensory experience proven by numerous research to be more effective for learning, comprehension and retention.

  1. Instills a Love for Reading & an Alternative to Television & Tablets

A study by The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, “Zero to Six: Electronic Media in the Lives of Infants, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers” report that 47% of parents observe their 4-6 year olds imitate aggressive behavior from television. This is a scary thought!

“The Story of the Elephant” provides a fun, wholesome and educational alternative to television and tablets. In addition to instilling lessons and character-building values from the Quran, it also instills the love of reading in children so that they are not always seeking entertainment from screen media.

  1. Perfect for Travelling & Car Rides

Lightweight, portable and durable with its hard back high quality gloss finished pages, “The Story of the Elephant” can easily be taken on family holidays or when visiting family, so your child’s storytime or bedtime routine can remain uninterrupted wherever you travel to. Also a perfect way to keep children entertained while learning at the same time during daily commutes and car rides.

  1. Family Bonding over Stories of the Quran

Nothing can replace quality time spent with your child. Reading “The Story of the Elephant” is an interactive, entertaining activity the whole family can enjoy together. Best of all, it opens a platform for children to ask more about the Quran, and becomes a doorway for the whole family to bond over various concepts of Islam such as solah, dua, patience and more.

  1. Lifelong Love, Learning & Guidance

Popular bedtime stories with characters like fairy godmothers and princesses are great for storytelling and imagination, but the magic disappears when children grow up to discover that it’s just fiction. In “The Story of the Elephant”, the magic of Allah’s miracles, the power of dua, the strength of faith, and the introduction into the Quran’s timeless lessons and wisdom will forever remain as TRUTH that guides children for life.

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